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System Repair Services: 

Please note: our repair tech is in on Tuesdays and Saturdays - for prompt repair, please call ahead of time on a Tuesday or Saturday.

We do NES repairs (pin replacement) right here in store. It costs 20 dollars. It fixes most issues the NES has. The repair comes with a 30 day warranty.

We also buy (some) broken systems for parts. Call, email, or stop in for quotes.

We can also replace the batteries on most game boy and console cartridges!

Many games, such as Pokemon, require batteries for saving. If your battery
has run dry, we can try to help!

It cost $10 to replace the batteries. We will also take a look at anything that
may need a new battery. Just ask!



For any retro or new video game repair, we recommend Mentzer Repairs right here in Ephrata!

Mentzer Repairs
717 721 1040
10 North State Street
Ephrata, PA 17522  

Disc Repair Services: 
Service Price
Audio CD Buffing $3
DVD Movie Buffing $3
Game Buffing (No Blu-Rays) $3
Our Disc Buffing Unit: Disc Buffer

 Yes we CAN get that dreaded Xbox 360 circle scratch out of your game. We can get almost all scratches out
of any discs except blu-rays. Discounts for multiple discs.


If you have any other questions about our repair services, you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or give us a call at 717-723-2140.

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