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Spenser's Favorite Things

Favorite Games:
  1. SaGa Frontier (PSX)
  2. Super Mario RPG (SNES)
  3. Clock Tower (PSX)
  4. Pokemon Puzzle League (N64)
  5. Resident Evil 4 (GC)

Favorite Systems:
  1. Playstation 1
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Sega Dreamcast
  4. Original Game Boy
  5. Playstation 2

Favorite Music:
  1. The Beatles
  2. Green Day
  3. Pixies
  4. My Chemical Romance
  5. Metallica

Spenser Brossman is the owner of Complete in Box, and he thinks that sounds kind of rad. Spenser Brossman: owner! Yeah, he likes the sound of that: Spenser Brossman. Oh, yeah! Flows off the tongue.

Spenser is one of three members of the Brossman family (or, Brossmen) that currently work at Complete in Box. We are slightly afraid that if we add any more that we’ll see some sort of rip in space-time, but we’re always willing to take a chance to add a little more Brossman.

Obviously, he likes to have fun and to be goofy, and he strives to make Complete in Box a fun experience for every customer, no matter how feverish their love of video games are. He set out to create a place where any sort of gamer could feel like home.

He’s been collecting video games for quite a while now, and his boxed copy of Shaq Fu for the Sega Genesis has brought in spectators to view his collection from far and wide. He likes to collect anything rare, quirky, or just plain bad, but I guess his collection has some room for good games. I… guess.

It’s not that he would rather have a pristine copy of Home Improvement for the Super Nintendo rather than a pristine copy of Super Mario 64 but… well…

Spenser is always willing to talk with anyone about video games, as long as the time is available, he will be there to listen to whatever fanatical banter is available. Perhaps you would want to have a loud and spirited discussion about why Resident Evil 3 is better than Resident Evil 2? What about which Silent Hill game is best (it’s not 2, he swears)? He prides himself on his game knowledge, but he is always willing to learn more from anybody!

And finally, for the story of Complete in Box.

Quite some time ago, Spenser was shopping in a large, corporate-owned game store, and he was having trouble dealing with the high prices, and terrible atmosphere, and the annoying employees, and he knew then that something had to change. After being asked the 6,273 if he wanted to reserve the newest Barbie in Fairy Twinkly Star Land game for the Nintendo DS (he already had it reserved), he started to see things he had never seen before. The world seemed to slow down a little. Colors were crisper. Music… he could see music, all throughout the air. And it was then that he ran outside and proclaimed to the world that he had the solution for all their game store problems. Yelling, screaming the entire way, he made his way through Lancaster, New Holland, Akron, and finally to Ephrata. Unfortunately for him, there were several employees of said large, corporate-owned game store waiting for him, trying to stop him in any way possible! He quickly ascended to Super Saiyan level 3, but his hair was far too long, and he realized he simply did not have enough hair gel to keep it spiky for long. There had to be another way! He realized that at his current power level, normal Super Saiyan 2 would be enough to take out the batch of ner-do-wells, so he powered up, yelled for a while, and started to make a shing-shing-shing-shing-shing sound. The foes were quickly vanquished, but this was just a fight, and the war was not over. You see, in terms of fights, this was quite a little one, just one little fight that he got in, but later in the evening, he was reprimanded by his mother, who was quite scared that he got into such a fight with the ner-do-wells, and she told him without question that he was going to move in with his relatives in Bel-Air. He whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said FRESH and had a dice in the mirror! If anything he could say that this cab was rare, but he thought, nah, forget it, ‘yo holmes, to Bel-Air!’ He – pulled – up to the house about seven or eight and yelled to the cabbie ‘Yo holmes, smell ya later!’, looked at his kingdom he was finally there, to sit in his throne as the Prince of Bel-Air.

If you want to reach Spenser directly,you can do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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