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Upcoming Events and Tournaments

At Complete in Box, we take great pride in having fun events
and tournaments for our awesome customers.


 Super Smash 2017 Tourney Day #2 - Saturday, May 20th

We had such a successful first Smash Bros tournament day this year that we decided -
why not have another?

As always, message or call with any questions!

6 Year Anniversary - July 2017

No official date or information on this one. When we have more information,
we'll share it!



If you want to see a specific tournament or event,
just let us know. We're always open to ideas, and some
of our best events are customer-inspired! 

Remember that ALL tournaments are free-to-enter. Winners
usually receive store credit, and you don't have to sign up
eartly... just show up 15 or so minutes before your planned


Complete in Box