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Upcoming Midnight Releases


Getting excited for 2014?

With two generations of systems releasing games,
it's sure to be a great year. When a really big
title comes out, we love to have midnight releases!

It's still very early on, but here are some confirmed
midnight releases we will be having.

Watchdogs - May 27
Mario Kart 8 - May 30 
Super Smash Bros (3DS) - Summer
Super Smash Bros WiiU - Winter 

New Madden - TBA 2014
New Call of Duty - TBA 2014
New Halo - TBA 2014


As always, more games will show up over time,
and this is in no way a complete list of midnight releases
we will have this year.

As we get more pre-orders for games, we're happy to
host midnight releases. Remember to pre-order your copy
next time you stop in, and tell your friends! We love hosting
midnight releases / tournaments, but we have to have enough
pre-orders to warrant it.

Check back as we update this list throughout 2014!


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