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Video Game Collection Appraisals

Video Game Collection Appraisals is a new service offered by Complete in Box’s Spenser. Just like any other type of collection, you’ve put time, energy, and most importantly, money, into your passion, and it’s time to safe-guard your collection.

His appraisal service focuses on preparing your collection to be insured – most Homeowners policies have a strict dollar limit to what is covered, and may not include a game collection.

That’s where the appraisal service steps in! He will get you all the information you need, so you can further the process to protect your investment.

Spenser has owned Complete in Box for 6 years, and is well-adapt in the game industry. He knows the ever-changing prices, what is popular, and the particularly hot items. The appraisals include:


-Total estimated value of collection (OPTIONAL: individual break-down by game, by system)

-Highlighting key pieces of collection (OPTIONAL: an estimated grade for higher-end pieces, or, an estimated grade for most or all pieces)

-High-quality photos of collection

-All done on an on-site visit


 The appraisal can be done as simply or in-depth as you want it. All collections are unique, and we will tackle each one individually.

Fees will be discussed in full before-hand. Fee dependent on size of collection, and how in-depth you want the appraisal. Limit to collections within reasonable distance from Ephrata, PA (for now).


Set up an appointment by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (717) 945-8845

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